Sunday, April 27, 2014

Downtown Linkoping and Norrkoping, Fika, and Linkoping Cathedral

Since I didn't have any pictures on my last post I thought I would start this post with one. This is a picture from my trip to visit my friend Erika in Norrkoping, Sweden. Norrkoping is the twin city to Linkoping. Richelle and I took a bus and a train yesterday to get there. Traveling one way, the trip took about 45 minutes. 
This was my first time traveling by train. 

Also while visiting Erika, Richelle and I learned how to make Swedish meatballs! They were amazing!!

Future Swedish Chefs!

Today Emily, Richelle, and I met up with our friends Megan and Katie (from UK) for Fika. Fika is a break during the day where you drink coffee or tea and usually eat some sort of Swedish pastry. Megan and Katie have been in Linkoping for their entire student teaching placement so they know all of the best places to go. For fika today they took us to Tropikhuset near the canal in downtown Linkoping. Tropikhuset is a green house restaurant in the center of a park. For fika today I had cappuccino and blueberry cheesecake. 
 I kind of spilled a lot of my coffee. 

After fika, we went for a walk through the park and to the Linkoping Cathedral. The cathedral was so beautiful.

A Gazebo made by a woman from Buffalo, NY.


 The inside of the Gazebo. 
We have these in America, but not the tall ones. 
Linkoping Cathedral was first built in the 12th century. In 1230 the cathedral was changed from its original cross shape to the one I saw today. The church has a large tower that is 107 meters high and was added in 1885. 

The entrance to the Cathedral. 

Once inside the cathedral I was in architectural awe from the extravagant pulpit to the Triumph Crucifix. Today was a wonderful day and I cant wait to see what this week has in store from me. I start teaching this week! It should be interesting. 
Livets Trad (The Tree of Life) 

 The Pulpit
 The main altar
 The Triumph crucifix

 The altarpiece in the Quire

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