Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Next Stop London

Hej Hej,

Right now it is 12:15am in Linkoping and I am still awake. Not only am I up late on a Wednesday but tomorrow morning I leave for London around 6am. There is all sorts of excitement in the air as everyone is celebrating Valborg (May Day/Spring) this evening with bonfires, music, fireworks, etc. Noise is echoing throughout the student housing where I live. The May Day holiday has brought Emily, Richelle, and I a few days off from school thus allowing our trip to London. My students were so excited when they found out that I was traveling this weekend. They suggested tons of places and things for me to do but then made sure I was returning on Monday. My teacher also invited me to her home on Sunday if I am not to tired. Either way when I return on Sunday I will make sure to blog all about London and Valborg. I have some really neat pictures and videos from the celebration.

International love,

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