Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just for Fun...

So just for fun I am starting a Sweden list. This list will be comprised of things that Sweden has that America doesn't and vice versa.

1. At IKEA in Sweden they have towels with hooks. What genius thought of that and why didn't they share it with the USA or Kentucky? After all we have IKEA's in America.

2. Where is all the ice in this country? I like ice in my drinks and the only place I have really found ice is McDonalds.  :(

3. Why is there not Fika in the US. Fika is amazing and every teacher needs a fika break. My only suggestion is creamer. I cannot find creamer anywhere and I have looked in several different cities.

4. Environmentally friendly: America could learn a few things from this country. They recycle everything and have tons of public transportation (with no stigma attached). I walk to school everyday and if I need to go anywhere else I take a bus or a train and so does everyone else.

5. The sun practically never sets here during the spring/summer months. This makes it extremely hard to sleep especially if you are not from here and every night you are battling a time difference/ jet lag. In the winter months they have no sunlight and in the summer they have to much... you just cant win.

6. Architecture: I am not an engineer or designer or anything even close but the architecture here is unbelievable. Unlike in the US things here are made to last. There are buildings in this city that are so beautiful I could cry. Everything is extremely detailed and historical and the city takes great pride in its architectural appeal. Don't get me wrong there are some beautiful places in America too but it is just different.

7. Why is everyone so obsessed with us? I am totally kidding. Everyone here wears the American flag design on their clothing all the time. I have seen american flag leggings, hats, sweaters, you name it I have seen it. Is it OK for me to just wear some other countries flag?? I just want to fit in.

8. Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cgh3ocbZEk

As I find more differences I will continue to post them, so stay tuned in for more!!!

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